Why E-World Recyclers Welcome to E-World Recyclers  
Welcome to E-World Recyclers
Our purpose is to provide you with innovative e-waste management and recycling services for the disposal of electronic equipment. By using our services, you will contribute to the protection of the environment through sound recycling practices which demonstrate social responsibility and environmental stewardship.
What We Do
The most advanced recycler in California. We take electronics and break them down into their base components. For example a CRT monitor might be broken down into plastic, metal, circuit boards, glass, etc. Each of the components are then sent to downstream recyclers who further process each item to make it usable on the market again. We are the only Electronics recycler to separate CRT glass so effectively that it can be sent directly to the furnace.
News, Press Releases, & Video
E-World Recyclers a California based processor of electronic scrap recently became one of the first companies in the nation to be certified under the RIOS/R2 guidelines. Our company is recognized for its achievements in the areas of environmental responsibility, quality, health and safety...
E-World Recyclers is honored and receives banner as a Certified R2/RIOS Electronics Recycler at the ISRI conference.
E-World Recyclers teamed up with the Escondido Children's Museum for the fun and interactive iRecycle Exhibit opening November 20, 2009
Children in Jabez Bethel Preparatory Academy in Malindi Kenya receive their very first laptop donated by E-World Recyclers. Harvest For Humanity International Inc. traveled over to Kenya to deliver the laptop and much needed supplies in September 2009
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