E-World Recyclers

E-World Recyclers is a leading recycler of electronic devices based in the San Diego area. The company was established in 2006 by Robert Erie and a group of partners and has continued to grow steadily and develop new business since that time.

E-World was founded with a vision to recover valuable resources from scrap electronics and keep hazardous materials from being landfilled. E-World is also involved in business to business services such as asset management, data destruction and other similar services.

E-World Recyclers has also developed a nationwide network of recyclers and a suite of web-based applications to address the recycling and returned merchandise needs of manufacturers and retailers across the country.

Compliance and Certification

We also want you to know that you can trust us to handle your products in a way which is consistent with the best recycling practices. This is why our company is certified to independent standards specific to our industry.

As a certified R2 RIOS recycler, E-World is committed to obeying all federal and state regulations. But we want to go beyond the letter of the law. We make sure that the electronic waste we process is handled safely both in our facility and by other key businesses in our recycling chain.